Request for Academic Partnerships

The Request for Academic Partnership (RAP) is a piloted, peer-reviewed document we use to support the processes involved with identifying, creating, evaluating, and sustaining academic partnerships between P-12, higher education, and community agencies.

The RAP document provides a guide to describe your project concept and goals.  The Forum will help you develop your idea and you present your RAP during a Forum meeting.  We ask questions to make sure we understand your concept, brainstorm about potential partners to optimally support the project.  Once the partnership(s) are identified, we facilitate the RAP into a project management plan.  You become the project chair and provide oversight for your team members in a roundtable, collaborative approach. We help you set up initial meetings, encourage trust and relationship development among your team members, and offer guidance on planning the logistics. 

We follow fundamental project management steps to balance your project’s scope, resources, timeframe, and evaluation component.

Basically, the project management plan includes you and your team defining your project:

We recognize these projects reach across organizational boundaries.  We provide the physical and psychological space for a power-free exchange of ideas.
We manage projects, not people.

The project management plan is a template used to clarify the project objectives, terminology, and the sequence of steps your team can follow for a healthy project lifecycle.  We want your project to succeed and support you along each step of the planning into implementation and evaluation.

The Forum accepts RAP submissions by email attachment from:

Please see the links on the upper left of this page. The Forum provides an easy 10-step RAP process described in printable visual and narrative formats.  These links provide clarity and guide the steps for your RAP submission and presentation.

Request for Academic Partnership Forms

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Community Organization Version


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